General Purpose Classes

Some generally usefull classes; separated in a common part (subdir YGP), designed to be independent of the used operating system or (GUI) library/system and in parts specific to such things (subdirs CGP, Windows, XGP)).

Up to 3 libraries are created (note that you need to generate the documentation, before the links actually work):


Consists of generell purpose classes without dependency to the used/installed operating system/required libraries.


Classes for the X-windows system; basing on gtkmm/GTK+ (only build when a proper installation of gtkmm is found).

An installed libgtkhtml (part of GNOME), libgtkmozembed (part of Firefox/Mozilla or Webkit ( enables (fast) displaying the help in a dialog (else a browser is used).


Classes to be used with CORBA (only made when a CORBA-implementation (MICO) is found).

At the moment there exists no documentation (as actually hardly any classes).

The whole thing is:

Copyright © 1999 - 2009 Markus Schwab

This package is distributed under the GNU General Public License; in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the file COPYING or the GNU homepage ( for more details.


Principally according the GNU make system:

  [make check]
  make install

See the file INSTALL for more details.


Both the CGP and the YGP section contain a Test subdirectory with some files demonstrating the intended usage (though the main purpose is the test of the classes).

The XGP subdirectory has a Samples directory with a sample application.


Contains common classes of general interest.
Classes and other stuff related to CORBA.
Classes and other stuff related to M$ Windoze.
Classes and other stuff related to X-windows.
Contains scripts
Documentation. Generate it with make doc in the directory (needs doxygen).
(GNU) Library for I18n
Translations of the messages

Depending on your automake version you might also get a m4 and a autom4te.cache directory.

How to report bugs and/or send patches

Bug reports and patches should be send to the e-mail address of the author (me) (

Please include for bugs:

Please note that I don't (can't) check my mails daily, so please be patient.